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Got a fancy dress night? Here are our favourite themes

Most students are now well into their first week of university and one thing that is enjoyable about starting uni is the fact that there will be a number of themed nights where you can wear fancy dress. The good thing about the themed nights is that all of the participants will be in the… Read more »

International students being used to ‘prop up’ university finances


There’s no secret about the fact that international students are economically viable for UK universities and a number of recent news releases have furthered this notion. However, a recent report has revealed that overseas students are ‘propping up’ university budgets. Recent research highlights that students from outside the EU now account for more than half… Read more »

Our top five box sets that every student should have

There’s no secret about the fact that student types love a good goggle at the TV, with the best TV shows and movies being a common talking point amongst students. There are a number of box-sets that are essential to have on your shelf as a student. Here are our top five for boys and… Read more »

Places are still available at some Russell Group universities

News broke this morning that probably won’t be taken lightly by many students. Infact it is news that could anger a number of people who had a disaster with the clearing process. It has been revealed that there are a number of places left at the sought-after Russell Group universities following the government decision to… Read more »

Students in some areas of Southampton face £80 noise fine

As a general population students are known for watching the pennies avoiding any expense that is not essential and are generally well-known for making their pennies stretch a long way. That’s why a new fining system set up by authorities in Southampton will cause many a grumble from student super-savers. Police in the region now… Read more »

Investment in student property more than doubles. Hello luxury!

Student accommodation tends to come with that age old stereotype of being a traditional house share decorated with pizza boxes, empty beer cans and more clothes draped over the radiators and banisters than in an actual wardrobe. This is something that has been going on for decades (just ask your mum and dad) but the… Read more »

The Internet is the top tool for student accommodation searching

There is no doubt about the fact that we are living in an age that is driven by technology. It seems like a thousand years since the invention of computers but in reality is wasn’t that long ago. Infact, it’s only been about 10 years since the most impressive feature of your mobile phone was… Read more »