The market-leading brand in the UK’s strongest asset class

Proven investment

Over 3,000 Vita Student properties sold to investors since 2012


Over 7,000 Vita Student properties across 16 elite UK university cities

Rental premium

Properties command 25-30% rental premiums above the market average


GBP 121 million in rental income generated by operational developments to date

Vita Student property developments are not for promotion in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Nationals and Residents are not eligible to purchase in Vita Student developments.

Vita Student property developments are not for promotion in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Nationals and Residents are not eligible to purchase in Vita Student developments.

The market opportunity

UK students have always paid high rental premiums, but the standard of accommodation has historically been poor. To meet strong market demand and higher expectations, developers started offering better quality living spaces, facilities and locations.

This wasn’t enough, so Select Property Group’s sister company, Vita Group, created Vita Student. Listening to the market, Vita Student by Vita Group works differently to most providers. Yes, we push the boundaries of quality but most importantly, we build communities and place a legendary student experience at the centre of our offering. The brand lives by the mantra that the student is at the heart of everything it does.

How a revolutionary student brand works

To be the market leader, Vita Student by Vita Group must be the brand all others follow.
No other provider delivers an experience like this. From day one, when board directors and employees from Vita Group’s head office are on hand to take luggage from street to studio and settle students in, it’s obvious the brand goes that bit further. After they indulged in their welcome pack, a life of free breakfast, complementary weekly cleaning and regular social events in the communal Hub spaces awaits them.

An experience like this naturally increases satisfaction, triggers rebookings, heightens demand and drives rental rates.

Results speak for themselves

Every property tenanted since opening. Apartments commanding 25-30% rental premiums. Consistently high rebooking rates year-on-year. However, nothing is more important than student opinion and, quite literally, the results speak for themselves. Daily, Vita Student by Vita Group receives thank-you letters, high app ratings, and great social media reviews. Our Students shout about their accommodation, helping the brand to beat RBS, The Dorchester Group and Barclays to win the UK’s premier customer experience award. Vita Student by Vita Group was also shortlisted for the National Accommodation Provider of the Year, while Vita Student Manchester was voted Best Private Halls of the Year 2015 by the city’s students.


Vita Student by Vita Group is not stopping there – the brand is evolving. Over 70,000 pieces of ongoing app feedback and regular student focus groups ensure the brand retains its place as market leader.

It’s also expanding. More Russell Group university cities in the UK, and international markets where demand for education is high and accommodation levels are low, will become proven examples of the award-winning Vita Student by Vita Group model.


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