Developing, selling and operating property that breaks the mould

A £1.15 billion international development portfolio

Over 1,800 beds under management with 100% tenancy from day 1

Global office network to serve 100,000 investors in 117 countries

Affinity Living

An aspirational build-to-rent brand for the modern private rental market

A city centre home where living extends beyond an apartment

Creating spaces that encourage a social community

Delivering a unique sense of ownership

Vita Student

An award-winning brand leading a £200 billion industry

The UK’s strongest property class with 50% higher returns

Minimum 7% NET returns assured for 5 years

Operational residences achieving up to 10% per annum


Designed to attract high demand from urban tenants

A prime location in the UK’s fastest growing city

Spa pools, restaurants, gyms – the luxury touches of a hotel

Manchester’s No.1 address. No compromise


A second residence in a proven
city with high tenant demand

Phase 1 sold out
Phase 2 high floors now available

A new landmark for Manchester

35 storeys high - one of the tallest
towers on Manchester’s skyline



We look at property development from a different perspective. We start with the customer. Seek the locations, environments and spaces they want to live in. Bring together the world’s leading architects and constructors to create our remarkable designs. Help communities flourish. Good property development is clever, but great property development is simple.

We Sell

Property investment is our heritage. We've sold property investments around the world to thousands of investors in hundreds of countries. You can rest assured, we know exactly what investors want. So of course, we don’t just sell property, you receive a complete service. We answer all your questions - from purchase to after-sale - and even offer you exit solutions.

We manage

There is so much more to property management than holding keys. The key is knowing tenants are customers. The higher their satisfaction, the higher your returns. So how do you keep tenants satisfied? Quite simply it’s about experience. Making people smile. We’ve looked high and low across the hospitality industry, across the globe, and recruited the finest people pleasers available to manage your properties. The results have been incredible – find out for yourself.

You and Us. That's it

From research to returns, we’re committed to you and your investment. There are no other agents, no other developers, no other managers.

None of the end user focus is ever lost. All of the advantages are yours.

It’s your story to tell

Exceeding forecasts and expectations. Join our growing investor community.


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